Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kayak Carousel

I climbed out an upstairs window onto the front porch roof and entered "the upstairs outside". The heat from the black roof invited me to sit and I did, then the sun and the blue sky and the river reflecting it all insisted I stay and I did. The river was full and glistening and moving fast carrying with it bits and pieces of trees that have traveled far from where they once were rooted along the riverbank.

I heard voices from an upriver houseboat, male voices, two, talking in the warm weather kind of way. The voices came then left and in that place they left a dog barked and then it's echo came. Music drifted from the houseboat, little bits of it reached me the rest fell into the river and drifted by. It sounded like the music carousels' once played, a wonderland sound. Then drifting into sight was a kayak with a person in it just going with the flow of the river, no paddling going on. The kayaker sat stiff backed...very good posture. Then the river brought the scene closer and I saw that it was a log with a branch sticking up and on top of the branch was a crow and it flew up and in a beautiful way I was terribly wrong about the whole scene which made it all the more beautiful. The crow landed back on the branch and was joined by another and then they were zipping by with the current and the carousel music.

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